Inland Lake Cottage

"The Genzink Team was just excellent…excellent. Joel really made an extra effort when helping us find our vacation home. The transaction went perfectly and they were great agents for us. We will recommend them and use them again in the future."

- Tom--Chicago, IL

New to West Michigan

"The Genzink Team was very helpful in the home buying process. Since we were out of town and moving into the area, they really helped us search online and preview the homes for us. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family."

- Sarah--Holland, MI


"They were very helpful and always stayed one step ahead of the paperwork and the transaction. Carol was even more in tune of what we were doing than what I was! The Genzink Team was great and I always give out their business cards."

- Tim--Wisconsin

West Michigan Summer Home

"They always had fast response time and they listened to our needs. They really were integral as we were negotiating our offer and they made sure we got a great price. The Genzink Team was very professional and had great service."

- Jo--Bloomfield Hills, MI